Becoming a mum young: what’s it really like?

Hey guys, I got such a good response to my post Getting married young: what’s it really like? so I thought I’d do another post similar to that. This post is going to be all about what its like being a young mum! So, I’m 24 now and was 22 when the girls were born.Continue reading “Becoming a mum young: what’s it really like?”

The twins turn 1!

Hey everyone! I am really trying to get back in to the flow of blogging more regularly but life just seems so busy at the moment with moving house, visitors, weddings and everything else! It was the twins’ first birthday a couple of weeks a go so I wanted to share what we got upContinue reading “The twins turn 1!”

The twins’ first flight! 

I wanted to write a blog for a little documentation of how the twins got on on their first flight experience!  We flew from Manchester airport to Exeter, where my dad picked us up and took us onward to Cornwall!  Manchester airport was not the greatest of experiences for us. We had difficulty getting throughContinue reading “The twins’ first flight! “

Being mum: 2-4 months 

A lot of people told me that things will get easier at around 4 months so here’s hoping that’s true! Although there’s also the threat of the dreaded 4 month sleep regression hanging over my head!  Since my last update and 2 months old things have improved dramatically. The girls have got in to aContinue reading “Being mum: 2-4 months “

Mum guilt is real

Whilst I was pregnant I was reading a few blogs by mums and heard about this concept called “mum guilt”. It essentially meant when you’re a mum and you feel guilty because you don’t feel like your child is getting the best. It can be if you buy something for yourself and you feel guiltyContinue reading “Mum guilt is real”