I work both on an individual basis (receiving payment for each individual piece of work I do) or on a longer term contractual basis.

For contractual work please contact me to discuss payment options. For individual work my rates are flexible. I cannot set my rates in stone because each project is completely different and will have varying timescales.

That being said, I have a starting rate of £50 for up to 500 words written work. Each 500 words thereafter will tend to cost £50 however this may be altered if the project includes extensive amounts of research or other work.

For proofreading jobs, there is an initial cost of £30 which covers 500 words. Each 500 words thereafter will usually be charged at additional £30. This is subject to my discretion, with all proofreading projects a copy of the document will be scanned by myself before agreeing a price as, for example, documents with larger amounts of fact checking will take longer and will therefore be charged at a higher rate.

Please contact me for further enquiries about my rates. Please email me on katecreateonline@outlook.com