Travelling with babies

Our twins are now six months old. By this point they have already been on four flights, we have had a trip to the Lake District, we spent Christmas in Cornwall, have been abroad to Barcelona and have had trips to Essex and Kent as well. We have also got more trips planned for thisContinue reading “Travelling with babies”

Barcelona with babies part 2

Day 3 was Sunday, we woke up early after a difficult with Margot and we decided that I would feed one of the girls and we would feed the other a bottle so we could get the show on the road a lot quicker! After I’d fed and showered I headed to the bakery roundContinue reading “Barcelona with babies part 2”

Barcelona with the babies

Last weekend we took the girlies on their first trip abroad! On Friday morning we headed over to Manchester airport and flew to Barcelona, Spain. As we’d already travelled to Cornwall on a plane we had some idea as to how the airport would go and we were a bit more prepared! I’m thinking ofContinue reading “Barcelona with the babies”

The twins’ first flight! 

I wanted to write a blog for a little documentation of how the twins got on on their first flight experience!  We flew from Manchester airport to Exeter, where my dad picked us up and took us onward to Cornwall!  Manchester airport was not the greatest of experiences for us. We had difficulty getting throughContinue reading “The twins’ first flight! “