Dear Dorothy, on your third birthday

Dear Dorothy! Happy birthday! You are 3 today and are a proper little girl now. The year began with an extremely rainy birthday party with all your friends. Despite the rain you had a fab day! Your fiery personality has just grown and grown this year with you screaming a lot when you get cross,Continue reading “Dear Dorothy, on your third birthday”

New beginnings | Dotty & Margot start nursery | Kate and the Twins

Hello! Today has been a big day for my little girlies as today is the day they started nursery. In the UK, all children get 15 hours free nursery care when they turn 3 years old. However if your household income falls under a certain bracket, you are eligible for 15 hours per week forContinue reading “New beginnings | Dotty & Margot start nursery | Kate and the Twins”

Dear Dorothy, on your second birthday.

Dear Dorothy, Happy second birthday! I can’t believe you are now 2 and are officially not a baby anymore. In a way it seems like just yesterday that you were a newborn but at the same time it feels like forever a go. Your second year of life has been wonderful. It started with youContinue reading “Dear Dorothy, on your second birthday.”

Becoming a mum young: what’s it really like?

Hey guys, I got such a good response to my post Getting married young: what’s it really like? so I thought I’d do another post similar to that. This post is going to be all about what its like being a young mum! So, I’m 24 now and was 22 when the girls were born.Continue reading “Becoming a mum young: what’s it really like?”

5 easy ways to reduce refined sugar and salt in your child’s diet

We all know sugar and salt are not good for kids. But just how much do we actually know about these white powders? Since I began weaning the girls just over a year a go, I started to worry about sugar and salt content. For starters, I decided not to give them anything that containedContinue reading “5 easy ways to reduce refined sugar and salt in your child’s diet”

Review of Childs Farm products for eczema prone skin

Hey guys! So today’s post is all about a brand called Childs Farm. You may have seen some good publicity the products have got over the past few months with people claiming that they have cured skin ailments. Poor Margot has really suffered with eczema since she was around 5/6 months old. It was soContinue reading “Review of Childs Farm products for eczema prone skin”

How to boss being a stay at home mum

Being a stay at home mum is hard and sometimes a bit monotonous. I’ve always aspired to have a career rather than a family so being a full time mum has been a definite learning curve for me! So, with that in mind I thought I’d write a blog post all about how I getContinue reading “How to boss being a stay at home mum”

Getting married young: what’s it really like?

I was 21 when Josh and I got married and given that the average age for women to get married is around 30 I would say that I was very young! When we got engaged there was a lot of raised eyebrows and one guy in the shop we were getting our wedding rings fromContinue reading “Getting married young: what’s it really like?”

Getting to the bottom of baby changing

Hey guys! Today’s post is something a little different for me, I have been working with the brand Direct 365 on something that is very important to me as a mum! I have been doing a little bit of market research on baby changing facilities and how they can be improved. I was sent outContinue reading “Getting to the bottom of baby changing”