We moved to Manchester!

There have been a lot of exciting changes in our family – the biggest of which is that we have now moved to Manchester from Cornwall!
We moved to Cornwall in 2017, my parents had recently moved there and we needed support with young twins. However, it was always a temporary move – much as we loved the quiet, beach life… the hustle and bustle of a city was calling to us!

Around August last year we realised we were ready to move… the problem was we had no idea where we wanted to go. We knew we wanted to be close to a city that we could both find work in and would have a good amount of diversity and life for the girls to experience. We narrowed our options to Manchester, Bristol and Kent. Kent was mainly because we wanted to be close to Josh’s sister and her husband – but looking further in to it we realised we couldn’t really hack the commute in to London for work and the house prices were out of this world there. So we narrowed to to Bristol and Manchester. Both are fantastic cities that we love. The draw to Bristol was that my sister and a lot of my cousins are based there, its not too far from Cornwall (we could do weekends there easily) and it was good for jobs. However once again the prices were just not something we felt we could afford – especially when we compared it to Manchester. In the end, Manchester won for quite a few reasons. Firstly, its our favourite city hands down. I went to uni here but I lived with some friends and commuted in, Josh and I spent a lot of our early days together in Manchester as he would meet me after uni. Its also a great place for jobs and is known as the second capital. Obviously diversity was a clincher for us – we wanted to make sure the girls were surrounded by all different types of people and wouldn’t be prejudiced/afraid of differences when they grew up. Of course the house prices were a huge selling point – the house we live in would have been twice the price in Bristol! We also have Josh’s mum and sister an hour away which is really nice.

So once we decided on Manchester we had to choose whereabouts we were going to live. Certain parts of the suburbs are hugely sought after and as such are incredibly expensive – Didsbury and Chorlton are amazing but far beyond our reach! We had a few trips up north to find a house we liked and eventually we found one we loved in a lovely town which has a lot to offer in North Manchester. That was back in November and we  assumed we’d be moving at the latest in February. Well, that didn’t happen. There were a LOT of complications on the sellers end – it dragged on and on and then we got in to March and of course we went in to lockdown. After that we honestly were so up in the air – we had no idea when we were going to be moving and whether the seller would still want to move! However, finally in May we started to see some movement and the completion was set for 26th June.

When we got here the house was disgusting. The previous owner had left it in such a state – piles of rubbish everywhere. Everything was disgusting and dirty. There was thick mould and maggots in the freezer, dog poo in the garden. I’ve honestly never known anything like it. We set to work cleaning and painting and made sure the girls’ room was ready for when they came. There is still a lot to do in the house but we are getting there slowly!!

We love Manchester and feel so glad that we moved here. The girls start school in three weeks and I think the routine is going to be great for us all. I can’t wait to see what life in Manchester has in store for us!

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