Dear Margot, on your fourth birthday

Dear Margot,

What a year its been! A completely different year than we expected but you’ve taken it all in your stride.

You are still the most sensitive soul- you adore people so much but you feel feelings big. You are so funny and are always making people laugh and you come out with the funniest things.

You love trying new things and you are really in to bike riding, scooting, playing tennis, football – just about anything! You love to help me with basically everything but most of the time it’s more of a hindrance – but since you’re so cute we let you get away with it!

You are so clever, you love drawing and writing and you are really good at both. You love being read to especially by grandma!

You love all the colours, all the animals, all the Disney princesses – very diplomatic! You also love singing so much and always ask me to put your music on in the car. You love taylor swift thanks to auntie Mary!

You are an early riser and often come in to our room in the morning and grab my phone and start taking photos of me asleep! You’re also super ticklish especially on the back of your neck!

You are one of a kind and bring sunshine wherever you go (also sometimes thunder storms)

Love you sooo much

All my love forever,

Mummy xxxxx

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