Dear Dorothy, on your fourth birthday

My little Dotty I truly cannot believe you are 4 years old!

You are still fiery but you’ve definitely mellowed a lot this year. You are a very easy going little girl who is eager to please.

You have the most incredible memory and we always say its your super power! You always say “I’m a good memberer arm I mummy?” In fact “arm I” instead of aren’t is one of our favourite little quirks about the way you speak. Also we love how you can’t pronounce “L” instead using a “Y” sound. It makes everything you say so cute.

You are boy crazy! You always choose a little blonde boy as your favourite character and always want to role play as the boy character. Every morning you announce what character you are that day “I’m super sonic today” and you really get in to character and we all have to refer to you as such!

You have such a brilliant imagination and love making up stories for us all to enjoy. You’re also still really good at independent play and you adore duplo and building blocks.

You have a huge passion for dancing and you’re always saying “hey look at my cool move” whilst you do some break dance style move!

You often lack confidence in yourself and say “I’m really rubbish at this” which is crazy because you’re good at basically everything!

You are fully obsessed with sweet food – particularly chocolate and ice cream! You love bargaining with us for how much you’re allowed! You always say you don’t like the food we cook but then you try it and enjoy it…but we go through the same thing every time!

You’re a definite water baby and you are also very mischievous… sometimes these two qualities don’t mix very well!

You are so excited to start school although you’re a bit nervous. I know you will really excel there and everyone will love you – everyone who meets you does!

Love you more each day.

All my love forever,

Mummy xxxxxx

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