The ‘C’ word

My dad has cancer.

Even writing those four words feels wrong. I’ve known for a few weeks but still saying it out loud feels alien. Cancer isn’t a thing people close to me get. Cancer is a distant, far away thing that a friend of a friend has. Or a family member of an acquaintance is going through chemotherapy. It isn’t something close to me.

Until it is.

Thankfully, the prognosis is good. My dad’s cancer, albeit aggressive, should be completely curable. It is going to take a lot of recovery and it will change his life but he will have a life. He will still be a husband, a dad and a grandpa for many more years.

Most of the time, I feel ok. I get on with life, I don’t worry because I know worrying doesn’t change anything.

Then every so often I hear those 4 words in my mind. And I think ‘shit’ and it hits me all over again.