Dear Margot, on your third birthday

Dear Margot,

You are 3! Wow time sure flies when you’re having fun!

You have had some big changes this year, the biggest being starting nursery! It took you a while to warm up to going there and the drop offs always ended in tears but thankfully you love it there now!

You are a very sensitive soul and wear your heart on your sleeve. But it also means that you are incredibly caring and loving to people. You constantly seek approval and affection from people and enjoying helping and being kind. You often sit down next to me and daddy and say “so, how was work?” Which is so sweet!

You often have to copy whatever Dotty is doing and enjoy getting inspiration from her! You love playing imaginary games with your toys and doing funny voices for them. You can often me heard saying “oh my goodness me” and other cute little sayings you’ve picked up!

You love singing, your favourite songs are “let’s get down to business” from Mulan and also “Hold my girl” by George Ezra. You love beauty and the beast and your favourite colour is yellow.

You definitely have selective hearing and like not to listen to what we say! You also constantly say “I hungry” yet you are very fussy with what you will actually eat!

You are a very active little girl. You love running and swimming and you always want to be outside. Although often you say “I too hard to walk” when going up hills!

You are such a lovely, cuddly girl and enjoy snuggling up watching a movie in the afternoons.

Margot we love you so much and think you are amazing!

All my love forever,

Mummy xxx

Dear Dorothy, on your third birthday

Dear Dorothy!

Happy birthday! You are 3 today and are a proper little girl now.

The year began with an extremely rainy birthday party with all your friends. Despite the rain you had a fab day!

Your fiery personality has just grown and grown this year with you screaming a lot when you get cross, throwing, biting, you name it! But I love your passion and your fire!

You are a sociable and confident little girl and you enjoy meeting new people and playing with them. Sometimes you are a little shy but it doesn’t take long for you to warm up! However you are also happy to play on your own and do your own thing at times and often you’ll take yourself off to your room to play.

You love to get your pillow case or a box and fill it with your toys and tell me it’s a present for me! You are still very protective over your toys, in particular your “waffle doggy” who you want to be with all the time! You definitely don’t have much tolerance when Margot takes him!

You love babies in particular your little friends Hector and Perran. You actually tried to pick a real baby up at nursery this year which everyone found hilarious!

You have been to the cinema a few times this year and you really enjoy watching movies. You love anything with animals and you adore Toy Story, particularly number 2. You love the smurfs and your favourite colour is green.

You can’t pronounce “L” and instead make a “Y” sound which is honestly so adorable and makes us melt!

It’s been a tough year for you with 3 stays in hospital in the space of 8 months. You have had pneumonia and we are still investigating what could have caused this. You are so strong and brave though and you made us so proud!

You love your food, particularly anything sweet. You would eat ice cream all day long if you could!

You love the beach and especially going in the water. You are definitely a water baby and would swim all day long! This year you even went on a 400m zip wire and everyone was so impressed with your bravery!

You love praying and ask to pray for anyone who has hurt themselves. You also enjoy singing to Jesus and going to “big church” and you like to tell everyone “Jesus died on the cross and then he came back a life!”

You destroy every book you get your hands on and can often be quite destructive but we know it’s just you learning. You love to play fighting and saying “I kill you” with your pretend sword

Dotty we could not be more proud of you and we love you so much!

All my love forever,

Mummy xxx