My new venture! | Going back to uni |

So this is an exciting blog post to write! Tomorrow I’m starting my new adventure… I’m going back to school! Or rather uni, to do a Masters Degree!

My MA is in publishing at Plymouth Uni and it’s all about… publishing! My passion is writing (hence this blog) and my biggest desire is to get a job in that field. So something along the copywriting, editing or marketing route. Obviously I’m not particularly experienced in these areas which is why the Ma is important. It will teach me many skills but also give me the necessary experience to get a job that I want in the future (there’s a work experience module that I’m so excited about!)

I’m definitely excited but nervous too. I know I can do the work – I’m not worried about that. I mean I got a first class in my undergraduate and although I know it’ll be more challenging I feel I have the capacity to do it. My main concern is how it will fit around the girls – of course they have to be my main focus so I am nervous about how I’m going to work it around them. I’m also sad because I’m not going to be with them 24/7 too – I’m in uni 2 days and they will be in 1.5 days at nursery and half a day with my parents. I know they will thrive but I’ve been their main carer for so long!

Anyway that’s my thoughts! I’ll let you know how I get on!

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