Dear Margot, on your second birthday.

Dear Margot,

What a year it’s been for you, I can’t believe how much you have changed over the past year! I barely recognise this 2 year old in front of my eyes, you were only just 2 days old and now you’re 2 years!

You are such a sweet and kind person. It is already shining out of your character at such a young age. You enjoy sharing and taking in turns and rarely say no when I ask you to let Dotty have a turn with something. You are very caring and always ask people if they are ok. You also say sorry all the time and you even say sorry to your slide if you go down too fast!

You are a bit of a copy cat. If Dotty is doing something you immediately say “I turn, I turn!” Or, take whatever she is playing with off her because you don’t want to miss out. It’s never malicious and you normally move on very quickly. Sometimes you annoy Dotty as you always want to play with her and she likes to be independent but a cuddle will normally make you happy again!

On that note, you have an incredibly short attention span and you cannot stay with one activity for long. You constantly need to change and often me or daddy have to take part in activities or you get bored even more quickly… You don’t much like independent play! You rarely get through a whole book without discarding it and won’t sit still and watch tv for long.

You are definitely a people person and enjoy being cuddled and played with. You love playing with other children and particularly thrive off adult attention. You always have to be talking and regularly say “um…” as if to start a sentence but you don’t have anything to say!

Your speech is impeccable though and I can have full conversations with you easy peasy. You have also become fearless when it comes to trying new things and love climbing up climbing frames and whizzing down the biggest slide at the park!

You are quite mischievous and don’t really listen when we tell you to stop doing something you want to do! However if you don’t realise you’re being naughty and we tell you off you get so upset and really cry and that always gets to me!

This year you went on a holiday in a caravan and you absolutely loved staying up late and being busy all day. You adore the beach and couldn’t be more suited to cornish life with your bleach blonde hair and tanned little face!

I definitely see you in a caring and loving role in the future and I know God is going to use your compassion in a big way.

Margot we love you so much our sunshine girl.

All my love,

Mummy xxx

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