Dear Dorothy, on your second birthday.

Dear Dorothy,

Happy second birthday! I can’t believe you are now 2 and are officially not a baby anymore. In a way it seems like just yesterday that you were a newborn but at the same time it feels like forever a go.

Your second year of life has been wonderful. It started with you being a flower girl at your auntie’s wedding and I couldn’t have been more proud of you. We then went on our first proper holiday to Morocco and you and Margot were like celebrities there! All of the waiters at the restaurants loved you and always shouted “eyyy Dotty girl!!!” At you!

You have a huge appetite for mischief that is almost insatiable. You are the reason we have had to put child locks on every drawer in the living room! You really are the ring leader with your sister as well and normally are the one to start the mischief making.

You are sociable and cuddly but you are still really independent. You are always happy to play on your own and you can become so engrossed with what you’re doing that it really wouldn’t matter if someone else was there or not. You absolutely love playing with duplo at Grandma’s house and you could happily play for hours with it.

You’re also still a huge fan of cuddly toys. You have a little monkey that you sleep with … Actually it’s 2 now as I bought a spare in case we lost one but you caught wind of that quickly! You normally latch on to cuddly toys wherever you go and you also really enjoy playing with babies.

One thing that I love about you is your wild, adventurous spirit. You love being outside and your catchphrase is “I climb?” … You just love climbing and going down slides etc. You also love swinging on bars at the top of climbing frames which can be a bit scary for us!

You can be so chilled at times and you absolutely adore watching tv. You would happily sit and watch tv for hours and you love to ask me to prop you up with cushions and put a blanket over you so you can be all nice and “cosy”.

Other times you are not so chill and we see feisty Dotty come out. You have such a short fuse and can be wound up so easily. You scream and tantrum and throw yourself on the floor as well as biting, hitting and throwing stuff! A lot of it is frustration on your part and we try not to be too hard on you.

You do like food but you can be quite picky and take forever to eat a meal. It can be really frustrating as half the time Margot has finished a meal and you’re just getting started! But we try to let you take the time when we can!

You love animals and insects and are obsessed with spiders. You love to tell us what colour things are and count to 5 really quickly. Your speech is fantastic and you can pretty much repeat anything back to us now and we are really starting to have proper conversations – it’s so nice.

You adore the beach and playing in the water although you have an irrational fear of crabs! You absolutely love digging and finding treasure on the beach and you could happily spend all day there. You also love ice cream and lollies and every time you go to the beach you try your luck and ask for one… well maybe one day it’ll work!

You already enjoy worshipping God and always put your arms up in the air when we say “praise the Lord” and randomly say “thank you God” all the time! You love singing and dancing and wiggling your bottom and generally being silly.

You always have us smiling and we feel so unbelievably blessed to have you in our lives.

All my love forever,

Mummy xxx

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