Day 1 – St Ives |Our holiday to West Cornwall with twin toddlers |

I have decided to write up a bit of a holiday diary of what we got up to whilst we were away on our holiday to West Cornwall. I had a lot of people actually request me to do this so I thought I’d take it day by day so I can share some of my lovely photos.

So, on the first day we got up fairly early and packed up the car. With kids of course it takes forever and we ended up leaving around 10am.

We arrived at 11.30am and since it was quite late there was nowhere to park! Eventually we found a spot and Trenwith car park. I’d recommend it to anyone with kids as it is really big and I reckon as long as you get there before 10, even in the holidays there will be spaces. It’s a long old walk to town but there is a park and ride bus for £2 return (under 4s free) and it didn’t take very long – the buses run every 10 minutes so they’re very frequent!

Once we got dropped off we walked to the harbour. Oh my word, it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before! It was absolutely stunning – the water was completely turquoise and it absolutely took my breath away.

We wanted to grab some food and eat it on the beach but as it was getting later and later so we ended up just getting some sausage rolls from Warren’s Bakery. We decided to sit on a bench on the harbour to eat the sausage rolls but a seagull grabbed mine off me! I definitely wouldn’t recommend eating outside as so many people got hurt by the seagulls. I would recommend the cafe “the scoff troff” – I wanted to go there but we couldn’t find it in time. You can get a picnic from there and take it to the beach (if you want to brave the seagulls)

Next we went down to the beach. It wasn’t very big particularly as it was high tide but my goodness was the water clear! The girls absolutely loved splashing around in the water- there was no waves and it was very calm.

After that we wandered in to the town and had a look round some of the gorgeously cute shops. We had the girls on our backs in some carriers. I got the carriers off Amazon and I’ll do a review of them soon!

After this we headed to our campsite and checked in. We then decided to go and get fish and chips but sadly it was shut! So instead we went to Sainsburys to get our shop and picked something to eat there!

Even though we absolutely loved our day in St Ives, a few hours wasn’t really long enough! I think we will go down again on a sunny September weekend so we can explore more when it’s not as busy.


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