Becoming a mum young: what’s it really like?

Hey guys, I got such a good response to my post Getting married young: what’s it really like? so I thought I’d do another post similar to that. This post is going to be all about what its like being a young mum! So, I’m 24 now and was 22 when the girls were born.Continue reading “Becoming a mum young: what’s it really like?”

Holywell Bay | My National Trust

This post was written back in January. A couple of weekends a go we headed to Holywell Bay which is on the North coast of Cornwall near Newquay. It is a national trust beach which is why we decided to go there. The car park is free for national trust members which is really good.Continue reading “Holywell Bay | My National Trust”

5 easy ways to reduce refined sugar and salt in your child’s diet

We all know sugar and salt are not good for kids. But just how much do we actually know about these white powders? Since I began weaning the girls just over a year a go, I started to worry about sugar and salt content. For starters, I decided not to give them anything that containedContinue reading “5 easy ways to reduce refined sugar and salt in your child’s diet”

Polzeath Beach | Day out with twins

Last week we headed to Polzeath beach. It was a lovely day out and the girls absolutely loved it. The only problem was that at the end of our time there, Dotty decided to pick up dog poo! It made me so angry that people let their dogs poo on the beach and don’t pickContinue reading “Polzeath Beach | Day out with twins”

Portwrinkle Beach

Last weekend we decided to head to Portwrinkle Beach on the recommendation of our friends. It’s about 35 minutes from us. To many people reading this that probably seems like a long drive… however, in Cornwall pretty much everywhere is a long drive! Especially since we live in the middle of nowhere and have toContinue reading “Portwrinkle Beach”

Being mum: to twin toddlers (15m-18m)

Now the girls are 18 months old I consider them properly toddlers! Since my last update they have really honed their skills at walking. They are both able to walk extremely confidently now and sometimes we are able to leave the buggy in the car and just let them walk. However they are still quiteContinue reading “Being mum: to twin toddlers (15m-18m)”