Christmas at Lanhydrock | My National Trust 

Yes, I realise that we are well and truly past Christmas now… We are mid January! However, I wanted to write a little bit about our experience at Lanhydrock house on Christmas Eve.

All throughout December, Lanhydrock opened up to display a quintessential, upper-class Victorian Christmas. It was absolutely fantastic, the dining room was incredibly well done. It was so decadent and awe inspiring.

The kitchens were also hugely interesting. There were displays of all the different foods made for the Christmas period and details on how they were cooked and stored. There was also opportunity to dress up and to have a go at making different things!

In the grounds there was a Christmas scavenger hunt which we didn’t take part in because the girls were too young, nonetheless it will definitely be something we go back to next year!

If you’re looking at this in December 2018 and thinking about going, I really encourage you to do so! It’s such a lovely experience and really helps you to feel festive!

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