Being mum: 6-9 months

So this post is a little bit late as the girls are now 11 months old as I write this but I wanted to have a bit of a record of this stage they were in as it was quite different to how they are now.

During this stage the girls have still been quite babyish and have been particularly slow with milestones. They were around 9 months old by the time they started to roll both ways which I think is quite late! They also didn’t learn to crawl during this stage which at first I was pretty panicky about but the health visitor told me that its more than likely because we have laminate flooring and they have nothing to grip on to (its funny because as soon as we moved somewhere with carpet they learnt to crawl!!). This stage had me feeling like I was coming out of the fog a little bit.. I started to feel like I could do a lot more and we got a routine down which meant I knew when I was coming and going which made things a lot easier! The girls also became a bit more independent because they were able to sit up on their own and play together which made things a whole heap easier for me!

Being their mum is just one enormous balancing act, one where I can never keep all the plates spinning at once. I think something I have learnt is to just breathe, take a step back and just realise that this isn’t forever. One day I will look back on this time with sadness, nostalgia and probably a few regrets. So its important to make the most of them at every stage!


Hi, I’m 7 months old today! This month I have smiled lots and lots! I even recognise when people smile at me and smile back! She definitely knows how to charm mummy and daddy with her smile! She adores her mummy and daddy but is definitely a mummy’s girl still! She has found her feet and absolutely loves holding them and playing with them which Margot finds hilarious! She’s doing very well with sitting up and is eating a lot more now! Dotty loves going to sleep cuddling her rabbit and she is very content to just play on her own on the floor! She absolutely loves the jumperoo and bounces sooo hard in it! She’s got a lot more chatty this month too. She always wants whatever toy Margot has got in her hands! She falls asleep with her bunny rabbit comforter and a muslin cloth over her face! She also loves grabbing wipes out of the pack and eating them all! She struggles badly with wind which is pretty much the only time she’s hard work and she is just a complete joy to be around! Dotty you are simply wonderful ❤


Happy 7 months Margot! Margot has suffered a lot this month with her eczema but is finally starting to get better! She has cut two teeth and is absolutely loving food -she will try and grab any food in your hands! She has found her belly laugh which thankfully we caught on camera… it picks you up whenever you feel down! Margot likes to settle herself and fall asleep on her back whilst playing with her little bunny rabbit but after a while she starts wiggling in her sleep and she needs to be flipped on her tummy like a burger on a bbq! She loves her little mouse rattle and shoves it in to her mouth. She is obsessed with blowing raspberries and getting spittle all over your face! She’s really good at sitting up now and is getting close to crawling! She laughs every time you say the word “dada” but whinges and cries every time she’s put down! Margot you are completely wonderful ❤


8 MONTHS OLD! Dotty has grown in to the most cheeky and gorgeous wide-mouthed smile. She is constantly giggling and would be content to just lie on the floor and entertain herself, she’s so chilled! She has cut one tooth and another is cutting through so hopefully that’ll make eating easier! She has massive blue eyes which look at everything with wonder and amazement and she has a permenantly shocked expression with her little eyebrows raised! She has also started a little happy scream which is very loud! Her new favourite toy is a cushion which she seems to find hilarious for some reason! She loves rubbing her face on you affectionately and is doing dribbly open mouth kisses. She has a lot of issues with sleep and will cry every time you put her down in her cot no matter how tired she is which makes mummy very guilty! She also hates having her face wiped or touched too much in general. She loves TV especially the fresh prince of bel air theme tune. She always kicks her little legs about and likes rubbing her food all over her sister whilst they’re eating! She’s still a jumperoo queen and will force you to hold her up so she can bounce on your knee until your arms turn to jelly! She’s definitely a people person and will reward just about anyone with a big gummy smile. She’s an absolute delight! Delicious Dotty ❤


8 MONTHS OLD! Wonderful Margot. Margot has now got two cute little teeth making a gorgeous toothy grin. She loves being tickled it makes her really chuckle. Her sense of humour is really developing and she finds so much funny. Everything in life brings something to laugh at. She still doesn’t particularly like being put down but she’s getting much better at sitting and entertaining herself. She’s started doing a little bum wiggle causing us to think she may be on the move soon (help!!!)! Her hair has grown quite a bit but still doesn’t show up in pictures! She loves her feet and jabbering away at them! If there’s any food in her reach it will be hers and nothing has put her off yet! She buried her face in Daddy’s milkshake this weekend! We think she may have said her first word the other day as she seemed to repeat “ehhhohhh” back to us! She gave us our first lie in the other day and woke up at 9.15am!!! She now says “mumumumumuma” and “bababababa” but they are just sounds at this stage. She is still wary of people so you’re doing well if you get a smile out of her! She sleeps brilliantly and will go down so easily. She gives massive sloppy kisses and even made mummy’s nose bleed with a particularly exuberant kiss! She loves grabbing faces, hair and pretty much anything and she finds hands hilarious for some reason! Margot you are amazing! We love you ❤

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9 months old! Where have the last few months gone?! This month Dotty has learned to roll over and she loves doing so, I often find her in random parts of the room getting in to mischief! She’s desperate to crawl but can’t quite do it, she ends up trying so hard that she gives up and lies on the floor crying! She absolutely loves picking toys up and playing with them and she especially loves having one toy in each hand and smacking them together! She’s always smiling and happy except when someone new comes up to her whilst she’s in the car for some reason! She now says dada and is constantly babbling away to herself. She definitely knows her name but she has also learnt the art of selective hearing! She’s a very, very slow eater and it can take her up to an hour to finish a meal! We often see bits of food in her mouth when the meal is long over. She absolutely loves drinking water and just chugs it down from her cup, she hasn’t quite got the hang of swallowing it though and often ends up coughing and spluttering having too much in her mouth! Dotty is quite intolerant of her brutish sister and will cry at the slightest touch but at other times she finds her really funny! She absolutely loves being thrown about and feeling a bit scared! She’s a delight as ever and we love her so much ❤


Margot you are now three quarters of a year old! In the world now longer than you were in my tummy! Margot has begun to laugh a lot this past month and finds everything amusing! She can also roll but prefers to be sat up straight. She’s started climbing her cot a bit and using the bars to pull herself up! She’s on medication for her anaemia now which does seem to have made her more chirpy! She tries to drink out of stacking cups now as she’s learnt to drink from a proper cup! She says both “mama” and “dada” and is starting to get some sort of grasp on the meaning of the words! She demands food at meal times and if she wants to move on from a certain item of food she will certainly let you know! She is obsessed with grabbing faces much to Dotty’s disdain. She also tries to shove mummy’s fingers in to her eyeballs when she’s tired! She’s still more reserved with new people but strangers are starting to get more smiles out of her when out and about! She’s also desperate to crawl but not quite there yet. She’s just an absolute joy to be around and we love her so much! ❤

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