The twins’ first flight! 

I wanted to write a blog for a little documentation of how the twins got on on their first flight experience! 

We flew from Manchester airport to Exeter, where my dad picked us up and took us onward to Cornwall! 

Manchester airport was not the greatest of experiences for us. We had difficulty getting through security with both girls and only two pairs of hands. The staff were not very helpful or accommodating and made mistakes with our baggage meaning they had to be unpacked and of course it was hard to repack them whilst holding the babies.  

Once we were through security it was very busy. We expected this as it was close to Christmas however I did think that perhaps seats should be reserved for families with infants. There was nowhere for me to breastfeed that was appropriate so I ended up having to sit in Costa and do it whilst many people could see me! 

We then boarded the plane. We flew with Flybe and it was a good experience. We were all sat together which at the time we were very grateful for. The girls were fantastic. They both fed and then were smiling and laughing the entire time. We have since found out that two babies and two adults should not be sat together as there wouldn’t be enough oxygen masks! We were very disappointed with Flybe for sitting us all together and putting our safety at risk.  

On the way back we flew from Cornwall airport. Originally we wanted to fly there too but it was much more expensive. 

Cornwall airport was an absolutely fantastic experience. It’s very small and we were the only people going through security ! This meant we had 6 members of staff helping us. The girls weren’t quite as happy on the way back as it was closer to bed time but in all we had a great experience flying and would be more than happy to do it again! 

Two very happy girlies!

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