10 things I’ve learned from having twins! 

4 months in I’m obsessed with my twins. Having twins is in a league of its own with the tiredness, hard work, nappies and feeding. But it’s also amazing in every way. I love feeling like we are super special and getting to have these two little best friends. I couldn’t imagine it any other way! I’ve decided to write 10 things I’ve learned along the way! 

1. Baby stuff will take over.

With two of everything you can pretty much guarantee your house will be overtaken. I hate clutter and I like my house tidy… yet I seem to be tidying multiple times a day & it’s never done! At the rate we get through clothes every cupboard is bursting! 

2. The washing never ends. 

Josh and I joke that we are living in a laundrette! I feel as though all I do is spray vanish on pooey vests and sleepsuits!

3. You become a celebrity 

People stop you in the street everywhere you go! You cannot go to the corner shop without talking to 10 people! It’s nice but sometimes can get a bit much when you’re stressed because you have 2 screaming babies and you’re trying to run all your errands! 

4. You can’t “nip” anywhere 

Before I had the babies I could nip to town or to tesco.. these days it’s a whole operation. Get both girls in to the car seats  (cue screaming) one in the car, strap them in, next one in and strapping in. Get the changing bag, get the pram in the boot… then do it all again on the other side!! 

5. You become a milk machine. 

Basically… all you do is breastfeed. 

6. The simplest of things become a luxury.

Showering, brushing of teeth, eating lunch and especially sleeping once seemed a necessity… now they are bonuses! 

7. You get used to hearing your baby cry. 

I imagine for mums of just one baby, when it cries they pretty much see to its needs straight away. With twins you’re split down the middle… you can’t unsettle one to settle the other so sometimes you unfortunately have to listen to them cry and wonder why you’re not helping them. It doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking though. 
8. You feel like you get half the time with each of them. 

Since you have to split the time in half between each of them you always feel as though you never can play with either of them enough, cuddle them enough or help their development enough! 

9. Double the hard work but double the love. 

You get double the first smiles, double the chuckles, the rolling over and all the first moments. You get double the pride in your babies and double the pure, perfect moments. 

10. Your heart swells larger than you could ever imagine. 

I always thought I wouldn’t be able to love my girls as much as I love the rest of my family or my husband. But the love I feel for my babies is beyond anything I could have expected. They are more incredible than words could say & I can never express the level of love I feel for them! I guess there was room left in my heart I never knew about! 

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