10 things I’ve learned from having twins! 

4 months in I’m obsessed with my twins. Having twins is in a league of its own with the tiredness, hard work, nappies and feeding. But it’s also amazing in every way. I love feeling like we are super special and getting to have these two little best friends. I couldn’t imagine it any other way! I’ve decided to write 10 things I’ve learned along the way! 

1. Baby stuff will take over.

With two of everything you can pretty much guarantee your house will be overtaken. I hate clutter and I like my house tidy… yet I seem to be tidying multiple times a day & it’s never done! At the rate we get through clothes every cupboard is bursting! 

2. The washing never ends. 

Josh and I joke that we are living in a laundrette! I feel as though all I do is spray vanish on pooey vests and sleepsuits!

3. You become a celebrity 

People stop you in the street everywhere you go! You cannot go to the corner shop without talking to 10 people! It’s nice but sometimes can get a bit much when you’re stressed because you have 2 screaming babies and you’re trying to run all your errands! 

4. You can’t “nip” anywhere 

Before I had the babies I could nip to town or to tesco.. these days it’s a whole operation. Get both girls in to the car seats  (cue screaming) one in the car, strap them in, next one in and strapping in. Get the changing bag, get the pram in the boot… then do it all again on the other side!! 

5. You become a milk machine. 

Basically… all you do is breastfeed. 

6. The simplest of things become a luxury.

Showering, brushing of teeth, eating lunch and especially sleeping once seemed a necessity… now they are bonuses! 

7. You get used to hearing your baby cry. 

I imagine for mums of just one baby, when it cries they pretty much see to its needs straight away. With twins you’re split down the middle… you can’t unsettle one to settle the other so sometimes you unfortunately have to listen to them cry and wonder why you’re not helping them. It doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking though. 
8. You feel like you get half the time with each of them. 

Since you have to split the time in half between each of them you always feel as though you never can play with either of them enough, cuddle them enough or help their development enough! 

9. Double the hard work but double the love. 

You get double the first smiles, double the chuckles, the rolling over and all the first moments. You get double the pride in your babies and double the pure, perfect moments. 

10. Your heart swells larger than you could ever imagine. 

I always thought I wouldn’t be able to love my girls as much as I love the rest of my family or my husband. But the love I feel for my babies is beyond anything I could have expected. They are more incredible than words could say & I can never express the level of love I feel for them! I guess there was room left in my heart I never knew about! 

Being mum: 2-4 months 

A lot of people told me that things will get easier at around 4 months so here’s hoping that’s true! Although there’s also the threat of the dreaded 4 month sleep regression hanging over my head! 

Since my last update and 2 months old things have improved dramatically. The girls have got in to a loose routine and go to bed at the same time each night. This is really nice as it’s given Josh and me sometime to just be us! The girls also feed less frequently and I’d say they have around 8-10 feeds a day now, rather than the 15-16 previously! They only wake once or twice for a feed in the night meaning their feeds are more concentrated through the day, though. We still tend to feed every 1.5 -2 hours. They are also so much more aware of the world now…watching TV, enjoying looking around from their push chair and engaging with toys. They laugh and have certain things which they enjoy personal to them. For me, this stage has been challenging as the days have got much shorter and it gets dark earlier which means I struggle to get out for walks… especially since the weather has got so bad and it rains a lot! My aim for the new year is to get out to more groups etc with the girls because it’s hard being home all the time. I guess I find it a challenge especially because it’s hard to keep both girls occupied when we’re out and about. I would definitely say that I feel more settled being their mum now than before and more confident in my abilities! 

 HAPPY 3 MONTH BIRTHDAY 🎈my precious little Dotty Lou! At 3 months you are such a smiley baby. Your hair has almost all fallen out, your eyelashes have got really long, you still love your dummy and have sharp little finger nails! You’re smaller than your sister and weigh 12lb 5oz but you’re growing well and have a perfect growth rate. You love face to face time and are happy to interact with anyone. You still struggle with tummy time and your head always falls to one side! You coo and gurgle much more than M but physically you’re not quite as strong. You have beautiful eyes and a smile that could melt anyone’s heart. I have a feeling you’re going to be incredibly kind and understanding when you grow up. You’re chilled out and are happy to just look at people… you love your Daddy so much and search for him in every room. You also get fixated on random spots in the room and start giggling. You still don’t particularly like baths and you scream so hard it makes us feel awful just for cleaning you!  You get rosy cheeks when you’re hot just like daddy and furrow your brow constantly. You love sleeping in mummy and daddy’s bed and enjoy waking up at random times in the night and deciding it’s playtime. You enjoy trying to hold your own bottle which makes us think you might be quite independent. You have a perfect latch but you fall asleep on the boob and then you get hungry quickly! You’ve realised you have a sister and love talking and giggling at her… even when all you get in return is a smack round the face! 😂 congrats baby you’re a quarter of a year old and we love you soooooooo much! 

 Little Margot you are a quarter of a year old! You look completely bald but you actually have a lot of blond fluffy hair growing on top! You are a chunky monkey at 13lb 8oz! You are different from your sister in a lot of ways … you certainly aren’t chilled out. You need attention constantly and always want to be held. More than that you have to be bounced around and played with… sitting quietly is not an option! You are such a gorgeous and smiley little bubba and you have a little laugh scream you give us when we’re lucky! You still love feeding and seem to be doing it constantly. Lately you seem quite clingy on mummy and have a funny little bottom lip when you get upset!  You suffer with a bumpy little heat rash and you’ve got a big double chin! You fall asleep pretty easily at night and have adapted to your sleep routine well. White noise is like magic with you… calms you down instantly. The last few days you’ve only woken up once through the night and we’re praying it continues! You are so strong and can do baby push ups  for ages… you bring us so much joy and we cannot imagine life without the joy you bring us! We love you tonnes bubba! 

 4 months old already! Dotty is getting more lovely every day. She has recently found her hands and cannot stop staring at them! She was the first to do a proper laugh and although she’s still much smaller than M she is feeling a lot more solid and less delicate these days. Her head control has got so much better and she is getting better at tummy time. She loves watching cartoons on the TV particularly Curious George and King Julien and grabbing everything that comes her way! Her hairs growing back and she loves sticking her tongue out. She’s very chatty and enjoys being sang to. She’s sleeping better at night and only wakes once or twice however getting her to bed is tough because she likes staying up and watching TV with mummy and daddy! She’s wearing 3-6 months clothing now and size 3 nappies! She’s very dribbly and very cuddly when she’s sleepy. However she’s independent and would quite often prefer to just sit in her chair and look at you… but don’t go out the room or she’ll cry! We love you Dorothy! ❤

 Happy 4 months Margot! Margot has come on so much in the past month and is now laughing and jabbering away like crazy. She still has a huge appetite and is noticeably much bigger than her sister. She is quite routined with her sleep and is very good at settling herself as long as she has a full tummy. She’s getting better at spending time independently and enjoys playing on her play mat. When she wakes from a nap or in the morning she’s in a fabulous mood and is very happy to see you! She is very easily startled and can jump at the slightest thing… (including D crying!!!!) After that she’s very hard to settle. She cries tears now which breaks our hearts and leaves her with salt all over her face! She loves to be thrown about and rough play and likes mummy and daddy to get a good work out! Anything that goes near her mouth goes in it … including Dorothy’s head, dummy or hands! We love you so much Margot!