Being mum: newborn 

I have decided to start a new series on my blog called “being mum” which is going to be about my take on motherhood at each different stage of the girls’ lives. I guess they will be quite small age gaps as the girls are young and changing so much but eventually will become yearly! 

The first stage is newborn… to me this is 0-2 months, mainly because they are 2 months now! This stage has been particularly challenging… in fact the most challenging so far (haha). The first few weeks were all about getting used to them and healing from my c section. I was never alone with the girls, I always had Josh with me for the first nearly three weeks. They fed frequently in the early days as their tummies were so small and breast feeding started so well. I really enjoyed bonding with them although the night feeds were hard. 

Everyone says you just instantly fall in love with your baby/ babies but for me this wasn’t the case. Don’t get me wrong I loved them, but it was a kind of raw, primal love which was focused on their needs and keeping them alive rather than the rosy, I want to stare at you all day kinda love. I’m sure many mums feel like that but their arrival was quite traumatic which you can read about here. I was in a bit of shock I’d say and if I’m honest I was quite scared of them and the huge responsibility they were going to be! I also was incredibly weak from my section so I didn’t really feel able to pick them up or move around much which made it more challenging. 

Eventually as I grew stronger so did our bond. I credit so much of this to breast feeding which established a deep connection between us. My love for these girls grows deeper with every pooey nappy, sleepless night and projectile vomit. The first 6 weeks were basically recovery for me… from my surgery, from the shock and trauma and from the transition from one way of life to another. Now it’s getting more fun… the smiles are there, the personalities are developing and they are a lot less sleepy. This first 2 months has been a lot of breastfeeding and bring glued to the sofa and of course a lot of interest from passers by! 


Dotty at 2 months old ❤
She is definitely still the more chilled of the two & she loves her dummy for comfort. She is bursting out of 0-1 month clothing but 0-3 is still a bit baggy. This month we have started a bedtime routine where they’re both in bed for 8… however Dotty likes to have a long nap at 6pm just to be difficult! She also often decides that 4am is party time! She absolutely loves staring at people and studying their faces. She pulls really funny faces whilst she’s asleep. And of course this month she learned to smile! Her cry is more high pitched and blood curdling and she loves snuggling like a little koala bear. She only likes bath time when she’s not hungry and when she comes out her hair looks so funny! she doesn’t mind getting punched in the face by Margot although she still takes very little interest in her. She feeds on average 13 times a day & Daddy gives her a bottle of expressed milk every night before bed. She can easily polish off 5oz and still be hungry!

Margot at 2 months! 

Either smiling or screaming her head off. She loves doing a little “my life is so hard” sigh in the middle of crying. Her neck is so strong probably cos she is so feisty. She’s never not hungry and always wants to be sitting up. She already knows her own mind – what Margot wants she gets… little diva!! She’s a drama queen and acts like the world is ending if you aren’t looking at her for 30 seconds! She loves white noise and sleeping on her tummy when she can. We think she kinda looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle! She has a beautiful smile & hates sleeping as it gets in the way of learning about the world. She loves being in her sling and hates her carry cot and she’s very interested in staring at her sister. She feeds on average 15 times a day and does the loudest burps ever!
Hope you enjoy these posts!

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